Macho Volleyball Was a Hit!

By Serena Hasse

Pass, set, kill! Last week, Edmonds Woodway hosted our Macho Volleyball tournament. For those of you who don’t know, Macho Volleyball gives an opportunity for any male EW volleyball fans to participate in the game. This year, we had 12 teams come out and participate in the after-school tournament. These teams had a mix of all different kinds of skill levels; many participants were just getting their start, but we also had a few experienced club players.

Because of Covid-19, there were some changes to how we hosted Macho Volleyball this year. Unfortunately, the district made a last-minute decision to not allow fans to attend the tournament. Because of this, profits couldn’t be split between the EW Volleyball Team and the Edmonds Food Bank. 

There is uncertainty regarding whether or not the district-wide tournament will happen. However, should we get to compete against other schools, the top two teams from Macho Volleyball will be representing EW. This year those teams are The Business and Island Boys. Congratulations to both teams! It was a hard fight for the championship. Since both of the teams were coached by varsity players of the EW volleyball team, it was sure to be a great match. The Business beat Island Boys in the first game for the tie, but players and fans alike insisted on one final showdown for the championship. In the end, The Business brought home the victory. Both teams fought hard those last two matches, and it was a great time watching, so kudos all around. Despite the loss, Katelyn Ely, a coach for Island Boys, says that it was “super fun watching a lot of our volleyball fans get on the court and play!” As for The Business, coached by Amber Uyeda, now a multi-championship coach, they say that “hard work pays off, and to all the other teams, it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

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