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Walkout for Parkland

By Emelia Persell 

It’s hard not to know about the recent school shootings around America. Their effects are widespread; from victims dealing with grief, to people across the country thinking, “what if that happened here?” Perhaps even more disquieting, the people who relate to the shooter, who keep the cycle of violence alive.

A group of students* from Edmonds Woodway have decided to…

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Diversity Film Series: Become Indifferent to Differences

By Kristen Santarin

We live in a world that is made up of various characters, each person with a background and identity unique to them alone. No two people on the planet are the same. We each carry differences that shape us into who we are as individuals. Unfortunately, we also live in a world where these differences are often viewed in an unbalanced favor: some traits are viewed as pleasant, some are ignored, and some are…

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A New Diversity Film Series in Edmonds

By Kally Sperry 

On October 21st, Edmonds saw the release of “Somewhere Between,” the first film in a six film series about diversity, taking place at the Edmonds Theater on 415 Main Street. Every third Saturday at noon from October to April, with the exception of December, the Edmonds Theater is offering students the opportunity to view free films based on true stories of inclusion, diversity, and equality.

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76th and 212th: A Look Into the Bane of My Ability to be on Time

By Kaiona Apio

From your alarm not going off, to your car not starting, the construction outside our school is probably on top of the list of reasons you’re late to class. It is for everyone. However, the majority of the student body is not aware of the details of the project. City Capital Projects Manager Jaime Hawkins and Transportation Engineer Bertrand Hauss elaborated…

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