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The Implications of Free Will

By Graham Everhart

Do you control what you do? That depends on your definition of “control.” I won’t go full Vsauce-Michael-Here on you, but free will is one of those concepts that makes less sense the more you think about it. Many religious groups and philosophers claim it exists. Many claim it doesn’t. I claim that it’s impossible to know for sure, but I can analyze its consequences.

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We Are Here To Help!

If you have ever felt alone and you don’t know where to turn or who to ask for help, he Warrior Word is here for you! We are dedicating a corner of our site to help people and give advice to anyone. If you need help, are seeking a simpler way to do things, or even just a basic life hack, look no further. You can email any and all of your questions to and remember to include “Help” in the subject line. We will be posting one social advice section and one life hack a week.

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