Warrior Word is the official newspaper of Edmonds Woodway High School. We have a staff dedicated to making quality news for the entire community.

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Editor In Chief: Stephany Janssen is a co-founder of Warrior Word and a current Editor-in-Chief. Her main passions are in journalism and politics, she also reads at any chance she can.  Stephany also enjoys pasta, traveling, Grey’s Anatomy, and coffee.

Editor In ChiefBridget Smith is a junior at Edmonds Woodway. She is a co-founder of the Warrior Word and a current Editor in Chief. When she’s not working on the newspaper, Bridget loves to read, hike, and listen to music. Some interesting facts about her, are that she has been bitten by a snake, and was once in the same hotel as Rihanna.

Funds Manager: Katrina Peterson is the Funds Manager for the Warrior Word and runs the What’s in the Word video column. She is an involved junior at Edmonds-Woodway who plays volleyball and sings in the choir. Outside of school, Katrina enjoys saving salmon and eating waffles.

Secretary: Amy Hoang is currently a junior at Edmonds Woodway High and is the secretary of the Warrior Word. Her favorite parts of school are ASB and Key Club, as she strongly believes in leadership and serving others. In free her free time, she likes to draw/paint, sleep, and surf the web.

Social Media Officer: Stephanie Farmer is the Social Media Officer of the Warrior Word. Stephanie is dedicated and passionate about the things she loves to do like write and dance. Stephanie has been a ballet dancer for 12 years starting at the ripe old age of 3. Fun fact: Stephanie loves filling her weekends with as many experiences as she can; such as plays, ballets, musicals and art shows.

Senior Technology Officer: Emelia Persell is a junior at Edmonds Woodway. She is the Senior Technology Officer and web designer of The Warrior Word. Her favorite subject in school is chemistry. In her free time, she enjoys reading, participating in extracurriculars, and hanging out with her three cats.

Photo EditorAnna Fjortoft is the head photographer of The Warrior Word. She enjoys any type of coffee, classic films, sunny days, and 80’s music. She is beyond grateful to be a part of the wonderful team that comprises Warrior Word. She feels lucky to be able to showcase her and others photography on the incredible platform that is Warrior Word. She hopes to write more articles for the Entertainment category of the Warrior Word very soon.