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Diversity Film Series: Become Indifferent to Differences

By Kristen Santarin

We live in a world that is made up of various characters, each person with a background and identity unique to them alone. No two people on the planet are the same. We each carry differences that shape us into who we are as individuals. Unfortunately, we also live in a world where these differences are often viewed in an unbalanced favor: some traits are viewed as pleasant, some are ignored, and some are…

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Reputation By Taylor Swift

By Anna Fjortoft

Selling 1.216 million copies of an album only in the first week? Not a surprise for artists such as Taylor Swift. Reputation, her sixth studio album (Billboard), dropped on November 10th. The name of the album for sure is prevalent in most of the 15 tracks, as Taylor delves into the media scandals and rumors that plagued her public life last year.

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