• Sports of the Week 9/28

    By Grace Borchert

    EW Sports Review week of 9/22-28

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  • Multicultural Assembly Video

    By Quang Nguyen

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  • The Standards Are Watching You

    By Samuel Schwartz
    Standardized tests have become a rite of passage in public high schools. Everyone sits for one. Everyone stresses about one. Everyone anxiously checks, re-checks, and re-re-checks their inbox on that fateful day when the mysterious test-grading powers-that-be descend from their palanquins to distribute scores to the expectant masses.

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  • Snow Days Stealing Our Summer?

    By Kate Koenig

    As the school year entered early February, the groundhog’s prediction of an “early spring” wasn’t looking good. The Edmonds School District received heavy snowfall in the first and second weeks of February, with over 8 inches of snow in some areas. As March begins, piles of snow still remain in the Edmonds-Woodway student parking lot. In total, six days…

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  • MLK Assembly Video

    A video commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. by Edmonds Woodway’s Black Student Union, edited by Quang Nguyen, concept by Kira Augustamar and Nathaniel Girmay. This video was going to

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  • Winter Wishes 2018

    The Warrior Word would like to wish everyone at Edmonds Woodway happy holidays with a video commemoration of Winter Wishes week 2018! Video and editing by Quang Nguyen.

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  • What’s In The Word- Episode 4

    Katrina Peterson and Kaiona Apio are back with What’s in the Word, Episode 4. They poke fun at the mattress sale, coloring club, and Thanksgiving break.

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  • “Our Town”: A Tale of Two Families and Everything in Between

    By Stephanie Farmer

    Edmonds Woodway’s play production is starting a new year of plays with Our Town, a Pulitzer Prize winning play by…

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Why We Celebrate Halloween

By Sam Schwartz

It’s Halloween today, and soon the streets of Edmonds will flood with small children decked out as every form of Disney princess, medieval warrior, wailing ghoul, and mythological creature imaginable. But where did the tradition come from, and why do they ask for candy?

The holiday…

Why American’t Pay for Better Schools

By Alissa Berman

Jemeria Winter runs to her Spanish class every day so she can be the first one there. It isn’t, however, to get a good seat or talk to her friends. She wants a blanket to protect her from freezing Philadelphia winters. Her classrooms walls aren’t insulated because they don’t have the money to keep…