• Walkout for Columbine

    By Ariana Burr
    Over 200 students from Edmonds Woodway, and a group from College Place, walked out last Friday, on the 20th of April, in remembrance of the Columbine shooting which took place 19 years ago. In Columbine High School, 15 students and faculty lost their lives on April 15, 1999 due to two school shooters. This shooting shocked the nation because it was the first time a shooting this extreme had occurred. There has been an increase in school shootings as never seen by the United States before recently.

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  • Escapade 2018

    By Katrina Peterson

    Back in the years of big hair and leg warmers, graduates would leave their graduation ceremony and head off to wild parties. Now that they were out of high school, what was stopping them from getting a little tipsy?

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  • Feminism Sparks at Edmonds Woodway

    By Stephanie Farmer 

    With the passing of the Women’s March and the dwindling media coverage of sexual assault trials like Larry Nassar’s and Harvey Weinstein’s, the feminist movement seems to be in its annual hibernation before Women’s History Month in March. With all the…

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  • Kira Augustmar: The Activist

    By Ariana Burr

    Activism. A common sight near Seattle, happening so much in our everyday lives that we hardly give it a second thought. However, in the eyes of Kira Augustamar, activism is one of the key parts of her personality due to her current and previous background in protests and…

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Walkout for Parkland

By Emelia Persell 

It’s hard not to know about the recent school shootings around America. Their effects are widespread; from victims dealing with grief, to people across the country thinking, “what if that happened here?” Perhaps even more disquieting, the people who relate to the shooter, who keep the cycle of violence alive.

A group of students* from Edmonds Woodway have decided to…

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FBLA 2018

By Sydney Walsh

Edmonds-Woodway FBLA qualified for state!

What is FBLA? FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, is a club that meets every other week to prepare for business competitions. Events can be individual, team, or chapter (the whole club). They are based on business and careers. You take objective tests and some have role play also. Competitions consist of the

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