An Honest Review of “Free Rein” – A Netflix Original Series

“Free Rein is about the friendships and rivalries that can develop in a group of young people who share a passion  – in this case, horse riding. It also has a touch of intrigue and mystery, and lots of humour.”

– Céline Buckens

In Free Rein, Céline Buckens plays Mia, a friendly rival of the main character who serves as the show’s antagonist. When we reached out for comment, she shared her thoughts on the value of the show.

Free Rein showcases the pure friendships and relationships between teenagers, their horses, and their beloved stables. The show illustrates tragedy, humor, and happiness. The main character, Zoe, has traveled from California to stay at her grandfather’s house which is located on a small island just off the coast of England. Zoe is ready for a break from her old life and to explore the extraordinary island. Upon searching for her sister, she finds herself in Bright Fields, the horse stables. This, as she will soon find out, will change her life forever. 

Zoe and her loyal friends work their way through several treacherous situations. Whether it’s friendships, relationships, or horse problems, something is always going on at Brightfields. The show has adventure and mystery like the bone-chilling ghost pony who haunts their island, or the mysterious Duke’s castle. In many episodes the pony squad journeys on adventures, putting themselves and their horses in grave danger for the sake of others. Free Rein has dramatic plot twists where characters betray one another, and friendships are often broken. It’s hard to guess what will happen next.  

One of our favorite characters in this show is a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse named Bob who has captured all of our hearts with humor and charm. There is absolutely no way you can watch this show and not fall in love with him. Other characters like Pin and Marcus, caught in a dramatic love triangle with Zoe, have a perfect connection and give an authentic feeling to the show. Zoe is not our favorite character. She lacks character development, and most often she will put herself before the well-being of others. Even though the character has struggles in being herself, the Actress, Jaylen Barron, is, no doubt very talented at acting. She expresses her feelings with emotion and puts lots of humor into her part. The characters in this series are great, and everyone will fall in love with them instantly. The acting is incredible, and most characters have depth and emotion that make you feel connected to them when you watch it. 

I would recommend this show to an audience that loves humor, adventure, fun, and especially to those with interests in horses. It’s family-friendly for all ages. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched it yet; Netflix still has it and hopefully will for a long time to come. If you don’t love horses before you watch this show, you sure will after!

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