Peer Into our Senior President’s Plans: Sydney Pearson!

By Beau MacGill

After finishing a challenging race, the senior class elections have come to a resounding close. Sydney Pearson will be representing the class of 2022 as the Senior President alongside her vice president Lillie Geil. Since freshman year, Sydney has been involved in ASB throughout her time at EW as vice president during her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. This year, she’s moving up in the ranks and taking the role of class president, one she is ecstatic about. 

Sydney’s ASB involvement started back at Madrona before carrying on to EW, giving her a leg up with her expertise. Her main motivation for joining ASB is her desire to have a hand in planning events and leading the school, a motivation she brought into her first race for the vice presidency. From her previous experience she was familiar with the responsibilities and activities she would get a preview of as president, which she quickly put into practice after winning the popular vote. The people have spoken, and they believe Sydney Pearson is the best option to represent the senior class.

This year, she is hopeful for the school and the future in general. Despite having to cancel senior prom in 2020, the class of 2021 was able to pick the tradition back up in June by hosting their dance at a farm, one that was a bit muddy but an overall positive sign for returning to some semblance of normalcy. For the class of 2022, Sydney is working hard with ASB to ensure senior prom is the best it can be, attempting to make up for lost time. Though homecoming was canceled, the school spirit doesn’t don’t have to be put on hold, as spirit competitions were planned all week. Above all, Sydney hopes her involvement can help create a welcoming community for everyone at EW, especially the underclassmen who missed out on their first years.

Her commitments reach beyond EW, as she has been part of the music program since elementary school. First starting at Madrona K-8, Sydney now plays tenor saxophone and flute in the school band including in our fantastic jazz one band. She was involved in games on Friday nights representing the Warriors and helping bring school spirit by leading tunes and celebrating wins with her favorite fight song. Outside of school, she plays piano and teaches lessons to other aspiring musicians. 

Her life doesn’t fully revolve around school; she also finds time to spend with others and take a break from the stresses in her life. To take her mind off of school, Sydney loves reading, music, and getting outside. Since 2016, Sydney has been part of the Edmonds mountain bike team, though in the past year they haven’t been able to meet as much. She hopes they can have more in-person races soon to get out see her team. In the winters when the ground is frozen, she prefers to be up in the mountains skiing. Her favorite ski spot is Steven’s Pass which she is looking forward to taking a much-delayed visit to this winter after a year inside. When she’s not outside, she loves to sit down with a good book. Sydney is currently obsessed with Dune, which has only been amplified by the release of the movie. When she’s not reading Dune, she is enjoying sci-fi, realistic fiction, and fantasy books, though she often finds non-fiction too boring. 

Sydney is eagerly looking forward to the future and is hoping for something new in college. Her top choices are Amherst and Scripps to explore liberal arts majors. But before she can make it to college, she is hopeful for a senior prom in June. Around school, Sydney Pearson is optimistic about the future and the dedicated ASB team she has to work with. As ASB president, she is working hard to make the most of senior year with the opportunities she can get this year.

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