Sports Are In Session!

By Kate Koenig

After 6 months of school, sports are finally here! On February 22, fall sports—volleyball, cross country, girls swim, football, boys tennis, and girls soccer—officially began, and this first week of March competitions have started. Spring sports (baseball, softball, golf, boys soccer, girls tennis, and track and field) will start on March 30, and Winter sports (basketball, wrestling, and boys swim) will soon follow, starting on May 4th.

This year to keep everyone safe, players fill out an attestation form each day before coming to campus and make sure they’re following state sports guidelines, which include wearing a face covering during all sports. It is also a league rule that no spectators will be allowed at competitions. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch any of the games—all home games will be live streamed. If you’re still wishing to support players by being in the stands, you can purchase a custom fan cutout of yourself that will be there to support the team of your choice. At the end of the season it’s yours to keep, and proceeds go to Boosters/ASB. 

One comment

  • Sports and other activities are so much a part of high school life that it is wonderful that things are somewhat returning to normal. I have long missed that feeling of school spirit that comes from seeing our Warrior athletes compete. Hurrah for the return of sports!


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