Edmonds Beach Cleanup

Considering the COVID pandemic, it’s important to lower the chances of spread by properly throwing away trash!” – Mariana Rolon

By Severin Kavanah

The Edmonds Beach Cleanup took place this past Friday, October 17th at Edmonds Marina Beach from 4-5 pm. Edmonds-Woodway students Emma Shogren, Mariana Rolon, Gia Nguyen, and Sydney Durgan took part in cleaning up the litter strewn across the beach. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the cleanup was small, but still achieved its intended effect. ASB intends to undergo a similar project in the future. 

Trash on beaches such as the one in Edmonds is a major hazard for multiple reasons. Besides its negative visual effect on the beach and in the water, It can be accidentally consumed by animals both on aquatic and terrestrial. Animals that do feed on trash, such as rats, are also spreaders of disease and do not have a positive effect on beaches. The trash itself can also be toxic or be potentially infected with COVID-19. Contributors collected 3 bags of trash, ranging from alcohol bottles and styrofoam to plastics and more. 

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