Everything You Need To Know About Care Week

By Stephanie Farmer

Care week is one of the last spirit weeks of the school year. It focuses on perpetuating positivity to help with  the stress of finals that we are still recovering from. Bridget Smith, ASB Historian, says, “care week is an important week here at Edmonds Woodway because it reminds us to take the time to appreciate our fellow Warriors and make our school kinder.” Each spirit day has a theme and dress up idea. 

Monday is compliment monday which means you can get a compliment read on the announcements. The dress up day is “don’t sweat the small stuff” for which you wear your sweats to school.

Tuesday’s theme meet someone new and the dress up theme is favorite team day. Try introducing yourself to someone who likes your team. Come to school sporting your favorite sports team’s gear. Not a sports fan? There are plenty of other kinds of teams you can represent.

Wednesday is neon day! The hallways should look like highlighters because everyone should  be in their brightest clothing. Theme is to smile at someone before they get a chance to smile at you. 

Bring out your hippie spirit for Peace and Love day on Thursday. This day is all about wearing tie dye and hippie clothing. Thursday is all about supporting your fellow Warrior. Which will be easy during the assembly recognizing clubs and sports.

And for the grand finale on Valentines Day, Friday the 14th, come dressed in red and pink to celebrate the season. Friday is all about reminding people how much they mean to you, plus its a half day so go all out for the little time we are in school.

Care Week is all about being the reason someone smiles. Stay tuned to @whatsupewhs on instagram for more updates!

One comment

  • I love Care Week! It’s one of my favorite Spirit Weeks of the year. Thanks for the reminders of what Care Week is about.


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