A Greener Edmonds-Woodway

By Kate Koenig

Have you heard that Edmonds Woodway hasn’t been recycling? Earth Service Corporation, one of Edmonds Woodway’s new clubs, plans to change that. ESC is an environmental club, and is partnered with the YMCA environmental program. One of the biggest environmental issues right now at Edmonds Woodway is the lack of recycling. Currently, the school is unable to recycle because our recycling bins are contaminated with garbage, put there by students who aren’t recycling correctly. Custodians are unable to sort through recycling bins and pick out the garbage, and have to throw everything out—including everything that could have been recycled. ESC hopes to educate the student body, so our blue bins can become clean and able to be recycled. The club’s plans include educational posters, an assembly, and advisory games. ESC will be holding several waste audits throughout the year, where they will be able to see how much recyclable material is ending up in the garbage. Club president Helen Ball says that “we are hoping that by the end of the school year, we will be able to see a noticeable improvement in how much recycling is being put in the garbage.” The first waste audit is in progress, the results of which will be available on the club’s instagram page, along with on posters around the school. As well as trying to improve the recycling program, ESC has several other plans to lessen the school’s negative impact on the environment. The club is discussing the rebuild of neighboring College Place Middle School with the school board with hopes to make it more eco-friendly. ESC also hopes to work with the school board in starting a composting program at Edmonds Woodway. The club meets on Tuesdays in E103 from 2-3pm, and are excited for a greener future at EWHS.

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