The Problem Pipes

By Severin Kavanah

On October 31st, the night of the volleyball team’s senior night, the fire alarm was set off. Four times, in fact. The volleyball players were sent home, but have confirmed that they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Thus continued the weeks of piping, electrical, and aquatic issues that have vexed the student and staff bodies of EWHS. 

Mr. Wahbeh, a math teacher in E205, said he has had issues with the piping and heating from September to December. He said they have frequently ‘fixed’ the issue, but that the fixes are only temporary. Additionally, there is a tile missing in the ceiling, revealing the piping overhead. Some students have complained about strange sounds and smells emanating from the exposed piping, but others have been able to ignore the issue and don’t recall any problems. Mr. Wahbeh said that ultimately the piping has been a distraction in the classroom. 

These exposed pipes and problems have popped up in other places around the school, like a leaky sink in the men’s restroom in A100 and more pipes in the E100 flex. The Word reached out to the Director of Facilities Operation and the Media & Pr Supervisor for the district, and was told that the issues were a combination of “a failure in the domestic water system expansion tank” and “a similar issue with the fire sprinkler piping system”, and that  “the sewer system over at the stadium had a significant blockage causing a backup of sewage into the locker rooms. “ 

The district staff told the Word that “this [domestic water system expansion tank] regulates the water pressure for the domestic water supply throughout the entire building.  When water pressure is irregular leaks can occur at piping connection points. This was the cause of most of the water leaks throughout the building” and that the issue with the fire sprinkler piping system “also caused water leaks and triggered the fire alarm system notifying the fire department.”  

According to the district, “In all of these incidents, our incredible maintenance department responded immediately repairing these systems with minimal impact on school operations.”  Woodway’s maintenance department may have repaired these systems, but there are still problems to be fixed.

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