Slurping with Spencer

By Zia Owens

Spencer Moore was recently named president of the Freshman class of 2023 after receiving raucous applause from an auditorium of underslept 14-year olds. His memorable speech, which promised the school a new slurpee machine and ended with handfuls of free campaign lollipops is sure to be just the start of a long and influential presence in the ASB office.

With his easygoing, personable disposition, it’s no surprise how well-known and respected he’s become at the school. Walking down the hallway, Spencer greeted almost everyone – teachers, freshmen, upperclassmen – by name.

Spencer attended the Northwest School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Everett from 4th through 8th grade. Before that, he was a student at Jackson Elementary, which he reports is notable for its lack of tests and homework, but not much else. So far, he’s settled in easily to life at Edmonds-Woodway. “I actually like everything about the school…My favorite class is lunch… [as well as] both PEs and social studies. Basically all my classes except math.” Outside of school, Spencer enjoys watching netflix, playing on his 3DS, recording Youtube videos and participating in BMX races. He’s also involved with Edmonds Woodway’s ASL club. 

As far as his political career goes, Spencer’s decided to run again next year, despite the fierce competition. “I mean, I knew that I could achieve it if I believed in it.  And also… I really wanted to get a slurpee machine [for the school],” he said, citing the latter as a long term goal he’s hoping to accomplish during his presidency. He explained that adding coke to the machine will likely win us a sponsorship.

In the future, Spencer hopes to stay committed to the things he’s passionate about: his presidency, his BMX races, his youtube channel – and his slurpees.

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