Food Drive 2019

By Aundine Janke

The Edmonds Woodway food drive, which started on the 15th of November, is in full swing. Non-perishable food and monetary donations are being accepted and donated to the Edmonds Food Bank. The food bank, whose mission is “to provide, free of charge, fresh and nutritious food to families needing help,” is in need of donations, especially around the holiday season. ASB appointed officer Owen Lee says, “last year was a record high for the amount of food we brought in. Our goal is adjusted based on last year’s success, so we now are aiming for 25,000 cans.” This goal can easily be achieved if every student brings in around 12 cans, or donates around 4 dollars. Owen also mentioned that “food banks can get really good deals when buying their own food, so money donations can be even more helpful than cans. As a general rule, every dollar can be used to purchase about 3 cans.” The food drive ends next Thursday- the 21st of November- ensuring families get the food by Thanksgiving. Money can be given to ASB officers with collection bins, and cans can be dropped off in the bin by the South Entrance every morning. A class competition is being held, and the winning class gets a hot chocolate party. This holiday season, help your community by donating to the food drive!

Edmonds Food Bank:

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