They Do More Than Scare Birds: An Edmonds Kind of Halloween

By Kate Koenig

For the 7th year in a row, downtown Edmonds was filled with spooky and fun creations for the month of October. The annual scarecrow festival is put on by the Edmonds South Snohomish County Historical Society and Museum. Scarecrows fit into seven different categories. The categories, as listed on the Edmonds Scarecrow Festival website are:

  •  Residential (single or multi-family, care facilities)
  • Retail Business (stores & shops, except art galleries)
  • Service Business (legal, medical, travel, salon)
  • Food/Beverage Business (restaurants, bars, coffee)
  • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate (banks, agents, financial consultants)
  • Artists/Galleries/Government/School/Civic (galleries, city, artists, service clubs)
  • Non-Voting (for those who just want to share your scarecrow with the community)

Scarecrow registration was from October 1-15, and voting from October 16 – November 1. All 103 scarecrows built this year were hand-made as the festival requires. Winner of the Food/Beverage Business category and owner of Walnut Street Coffee Pam Stullersaid, “For the past few years, I’ve been on a kick to make our scarecrow out of recycled material. Last year it was milk jugs, and this year it was mason jar lids. I had hundreds of lids left over from the mason jars we sell at the shop.” The festival can be fun for everyone involved, from the scarecrow creators to everyone who views the creations as they walk through Edmonds during October. As one of the many participating businesses, Pam said that “it was a fun project, and we especially enjoyed seeing how much our customers loved it.” Winners were announced at the award ceremony on Monday November 4th. The complete list of winners can be found below. 


1st place: “Rick Franken-Steves” by Marjie Bowker and Greg Strzempka

2nd place: “Like Father, Like Son” by Wendy Clark

3rd place: “Pumpkin Reaper” by the Jacoby Family

Retail Business

1st place: “The IT Girl” by Sound Styles

2nd place: “Madame Corbeau” by The Curious Nest

3rd place: “Scoops Ahoy” by Rogue

Service Business

1st place: “Lice Spies – Because you can’t boil your kids” by Lice Spies

2nd place: “The Sugar Skull Queen” by Ted Gun Design

2nd place: “Trool O Ween” by Edmonds-Westgate Veterinary Hospital

3rd place: “Zombie Crow” by Makota Co.

Food/Beverage Business

1st place: “Aragog” by Walnut Street Coffee

2nd place: “Tiki Party of 4!” by Taki Tiki

3rd place: “Scarecrow Slenderman” by Waterfront Coffee Company

Financial/Insurance/Real Estate

1st place: “Hidden at Windermere” by Windermere Real Estate

2nd place: “Strange Sightings” by Coldwell Banker

3rd place: “Miss Willow Branch” by Coastal Community Bank

3rd place: “Morticia, Cousin It and Thing” by Edmonds Realty


1st place: “Rhonda Ruffelbum” by Barclay Shelton Dance Centre

2nd place: “The Wizard of Oz” by Holy Rosary School

3rd place: “Scary Poppins” by Friends of Edmonds Library

Best First Time Builder Residential:

“Freddy” by Team Sprague

Best First Time Builder Non-Residential:

“Protect Our Marsh” by Adoption Services of Western Washington

Best Depiction of Edmonds History:

“Gone Fishin” by Port of Edmonds 

“Adelaide Crowette” by Edmonds Museum 

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