Snow Days Stealing Our Summer?

By Kate Koenig

As the school year entered early February, the groundhog’s prediction of an “early spring” wasn’t looking good. The Edmonds School District received heavy snowfall in the first and second weeks of February, with over 8 inches of snow in some areas. As March begins, piles of snow still remain in the Edmonds-Woodway student parking lot. In total, six days of school were canceled due to snowy and icy roads, two days were two hours late, and Friday the 8th became a half day in response to predictions of a snowstorm that afternoon and the following weekend. With February being 28 days, and with pre-planned no school days, students in the Edmonds School District only had eight full days of school in February.

So how does this affect the school year? Makeup days will not cut into our spring break. The week off in April is written into staff contracts and cannot be changed. The district had five makeup dates prepared in case of snow, and all five will be used (June 21, May 10, June 24, 25, and 26). It will be harder for the district to get a waiver for the 6th snow day because Governor Inslee declared a state of emergency. The district has stated that they have to wait for the end of the winter season to confirm changes to the calendar and whether or not snow days after day 5 will be waived. Currently, school is scheduled to end on June 26th, which is a half day. Any updates on the end date of school will be officially posted on the district calendar.

Along with school days, many school activities were disrupted or canceled. During the six snow days, no clubs, teams, or other activities were able to meet. Play Production’s performances of The Government Inspector had to be condensed from four performances into just two. Sports competitions scheduled on snowy days were brought to a stand-still, with wrestlers skipping the districts and going straight to state. February proved to be less of an early spring, and more of a late winter.

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