Knowledge: Not Just a Trivial Pursuit

By Emelia Persell

Knowledge Bowl is where seemingly trivial information meets fierce competition. Gian Rodrigues, one co-president, described the bowl as an “interdisciplinary trivia club in essence and in theory, however, in practice it would be much more appropriate to draw comparisons and parallels to fight club or even brothels in ancient Greece”. Alec Matulka, the second co-president, remarked “Knowledge Bowl is sort of like flying: it’s freedom and it’s very, very exciting”.

The Knowledge Bowl is a power competition in which team groupings are rearranged after each round on the basis of their accumulated points. Mr. Rodrigues explained, “Competitions are made up of both written and verbal trivia, in which we collaborate as a team to answer the questions. We also eat a lot of snacks and just chillax with the crew.”

Advised by Mr. Crist, there are two competing teams (Dubsters and Mindcrafters) made up of six to seven people on each team. The district competition is February 13th, and if they keep up their strong season, the Edmonds Woodway Knowledge Bowl can qualify for state. Matulka remarked, “this season we have a lot of exciting, young talent like Devon Campbell and Minh Nguyen, meaning we can make a deep run in the playoffs”.

Both co-presidents want to correct some misconceptions about Knowledge Bowl, confirming that you do not have to be conventionally smart to be in the club. Mr. Rodrigues assures possible members, “it’s really just a learning process and you pick up a lot of experience just by being there.”

Support Knowledge Bowl this week any way possible with their upcoming competition. Matulka reminded Edmonds Woodway students, “we’re actually about $600 in debt so if any of you can contribute that would be very much appreciated”.

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