Great Ways to Give Back to the Community This Holiday Season

By Kate Koenig

It’s December, the holiday season. There are more than 600 homeless students in the Edmonds School District, and for these kids, this season is just a time when they try to stay warm—forget any gifts. This time of year is about giving, not just getting. For every homeless student, there are hundreds more who have things to share. For any EWHS students who are looking for a way to get service hours, finding a holiday charity to help out with is a great way to give back to the community.  

In Edmonds and the surrounding area, there are many places to donate gifts for children whose families are unable to purchase them on their own. There are many locations collecting donations of toys and other gifts, including the Fill The Truck Toy Drive at Walmart, and The Edmonds Toy Shop .

With donations coming in, many local charities need help with the distribution. Places like Holly House in Lynnwood and The Edmonds Toy Shop collect donations, and with the help of volunteers, set up a “store” where families in need can come pick out a gift for their child at no cost. Even if you don’t have something to donate, you can give some of your time to helping get toys into the hands of children.

The winter time is not just a season of gifts and toys. Around this time of year it starts to get very cold. Along with gift donations, it’s important throughout winter to make clothing donations. Donations of warm jackets, pants, shirts, (new) socks, shoes, blankets, and more are accepted by charities like Clothes For Kids and One Warm Coat. Though warm coats are most needed in the colder months, clothes and food donations are accepted year round.

If you are someone who is struggling to get everything you need this winter, it’s important to know there are people helping out. All these places to donate to are also resources to use if you need it. Items can be requested from Toys for Tots or One Warm Coat, and items can be collected from Holly House, Clothes For Kids and The Edmonds Toy Shop. Whether you’re looking to brighten the life of a younger sibling by finding them a toy, or looking for a blanket to keep warm at night, contacting these charities that others are donating to is a step in the right direction. By registering for these charities on their websites, you can get help year round. People want to help out, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of these opportunities.

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