The Newest Club at EW

By Emelia Persell 

This year, Edmonds Woodway has a new club focused on health and the environment—Bike Club. Founded by Max Pearson and Jiovany Badier, the club is a place to get some exercise and have fun. Its president, Jiovany Badier is here to talk about it.

Badier and the club before a ride. 

Bike club goes on group rides every weekend, on the roads and in the mountains. Everyone is welcome in bike club,“we go with a pace that suits everyone’s skills level, depending on the weather conditions and number of people that determines the duration and distance of the ride”. Badier emphasizes his concern for safety with gear checks and a front and back leader so that no one gets outside the group. 

Club members hard at work in a meeting. 

Badier has a personal connection to biking; he works at Gregg’s Lynnwood Cycle and is constantly working with bikes and their mechanics.. It was an inspiration for his founding, “The experience you get from all the customers (bike enthusiasts) is an amazing resource. I wanted to share the knowledge and experience that I acquired over the summer with my fellow peers”.

Biking has a lot of environmental and cost benefits for people today. Badier thinks Edmonds Woodway students can benefit because, “you save a lot of money because owning a bike is cheaper than owning a car, you save money on the gym membership because the bike is your workout… no matter how long you have been biking for there’s always something new to learn”.

Badier, with help from Max Pearson, his Vice President, as well as Triff LeBaron, manager at Gregg’s Lynnwood cycle, and advisor Mr. Black, has created a club devoted to athletics, transportation, and fun. Bike club meets in E104 on Tuesdays from 3-4pm.

The club poses for a picture. 

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