Boys Tennis Undefeated Season

By Dara Stotland

The 2018 fall season marked one of the most successful seasons for the varsity boys tennis team. This year, the tennis team played against six other schools in the Wesco South 3A conference and emerged on top with a flawless record of 6-0 in the Wesco league and 14-0 overall including pre-season. For the current tennis team, this is the first time in any of their varsity careers where they achieved an undefeated season. Varsity head coach Mr. Crist and players Harrison Steiner, Gabe Cano, and Will Molinaro talked about having an undefeated streak, their outlook for the postseason, and the tennis team’s culture.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

You guys had an undefeated season. Has it happened before? How does that feel?

Steiner: Yeah it’s happened one time before. It felt really good to go undefeated. We had never won Wesco before in my time during high school.

Mr. Crist: I mean, it’s always nice to win. The way the schedule was formatted this year made it so that we won the division with four matches left to go. At that point, we had accomplished our goal to win the league. Now our goal was to go on undefeated and win the rest of our matches.

Tell me about the Shorewood match. What was going through everyone’s minds before the match?

Cano: It felt really good to beat Shorewood. I was very excited. Shorewood has a lot of good players and good people and it was especially sweet because it was my senior year.

Molinaro: This was my first year on the team, so I’d never played Shorewood before. I knew we had to beat these kids.

Steiner: Basically the entire week leading up to it, everybody knew the season was down to that match. We hyped everyone up and everyone was focused.

What is your outlook on the postseason?

Mr. Crist: I wish we had two doubles teams going into districts (3A District 1 Boys Tennis Tournament) instead of one. Our goal is to qualify for the state tournament and I think our chances are good. It honestly depends on momentum and whether we have it or not.

What’s one thing you want other people to know about the tennis team?

Molinaro: Joining the tennis team was a great decision because it was a great experience, especially getting involved and meeting new people and having a great time. The tennis team is a really great influence. Also, thank you to our managers Alexi and Marla!

Steiner: I want people to know that the team is a tight-knit community and a fun group of guys who really strive to be the best at what they do. It’s a really inclusive environment.

Mr. Crist: They have outstanding character and they do the right things. They respect the game and they respect their opponents.

Any fun facts about the tennis team?

Cano: Our beloved teammate Alec Matulka’s tennis roots run quite deep. This magical journey to an undefeated season all began when he used to froth his bath suds with his racket. That’s one clean fella!

Congratulations to the boys varsity tennis team for an undefeated season and winning the Wesco-South 3A league!

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