Small Fire In Downtown Edmonds

By Ariana Burr


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South County Fire and Rescue crews put out a fire on Sunday evening at the Carmel Condominiums at 655 Main Street in downtown Edmonds, across from the Edmonds library. Fire and Rescue crews rushed to the fire after receiving a call from a resident between 6:15-6:30pm. Soon, all residents were confirmed safe and accounted for outside of the condominiums.

The first person to arrive at the scene was Edmonds High School alumnae and Edmonds resident, Josi Jones. Josi is a volunteer firefighter and happened to be out on a walk when she heard the sound of glass breaking at the condominiums and went to investigate. “I saw smoke…and then I just ran. The lady [in the apartment] was moving a little slow…so I helped her get out of the building. Then I just ran door to door, starting to get people out of the building…” she said when we asked her what exactly happened.  

Other than possible minor smoke and water damage, the fire was confined to one unit in the building, the power only had to be shut off in one unit, leaving the rest of the power on, reported Leslie Hynes, South County Fire PIO. Responders say that residents should be able to make it back into their apartments later this Sunday evening. Until then, Support 7 is stationed in the library parking lot with coffee, water and food for residents.

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