Honoring EW’s Achievements in 2017-2018

By Stephanie Farmer 

In case you missed the Best Of EW Assembly, there were several amazing performances, videos and a worthy standing ovation for Mr. Bennett. The point of this assembly was to recap the events of the year. First was the top ten sporting events of the year with the number one being two state champions: Hannah Hicks in long jump and Yukino Parle in the 300 meter race. Throughout the assembly, each club of the school was given a category and honored for their effect on the community and school. Some groups had their own videos: one from our robotics team M.A.S.H. and another from the Play Production class each displaying what type of activity they are and what they do and advertising their upcoming events. The performances from the jazz band with vocals of Natalie Whitlock stood out and left the crowd cheering. Also, talent show winners Audrey Messinger, performing a modern dance, and Makenzie Castillo, singing Frank Ocean Song, in an encore appearance. The classes competed in a battle of finishing the lyrics which the juniors won, shocking the audience especially the seniors. Too finishes the fifty-minute assembly, Mr. Mindt celebrated Mr. Bennett’s career in education, followed by the entire student body and staff standing and applauding for a lingering tear-jerking sentiment.

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