Student Brings a Gun to Edmonds Woodway High School

By Stephanie Farmer 

UPDATE: a police report found that the gun was not a firearm but an air gun

May 8, 2018 a student brought a gun to Edmonds Woodway high school. Students in their fourth period classes were unaware of the search for their peer. Today an email with all the information in a specific timeline “of the incident involving the student in possession of a firearm” was sent to all teachers. Students learned what happened in their first period today.

Two students saw a video of another with a gun in a bathroom at Edmonds Woodway and quickly reported it to the Dean of Students; an administrator was informed and the police were called. When the security staff was aware, they began searching for the student with the gun. The name of the student was found as police arrived on campus, Mr. Bennett –who frequently sees the student leave at lunch– said the student left at 11:45 am. When asked, Mr. Bennett said –because the student was no longer on campus, police and security staff said a lockdown would then be unnecessary.

A police search was conducted to ensure the student was no longer on campus. Once he left the building, it was a police matter. Students were interviewed, staff found no students were threatened. The student boarded Community Transit with a District issued Orca Card; then at 4 pm, administrators were notified that the student was found in North Everett and taken into custody. Further investigation led to one student admitting to feeling threatened by the gun, so the student has been expelled and will not be allowed to return to Edmonds Woodway. Currently, in the Snohomish County jail, 2nd-degree assault charges have been placed on him.

Teachers advise kids the reason this did not get out of hand was the students who reported the video. Anything suspicious should immediately reported to staff to prevent any gun violence from occurring at Edmonds Woodway High School.

In addition, Mr. Bennett tells of a new system of electronic locks that will be installed on all the external doors. These doors will be locked during the day and the weekends to prevent any non-students from accessing the school. Finally, Officer Tom Smith –who has been visiting EWHS during his rotation– will begin a full time role as security officer. As students we must make sure to report anything potentially dangerous to also ensure the safety of teenagers in our area. If you see or hear anything suspicious alert Edmonds Woodway staff (especially Dr. Mims, Mr. Bennett and Ms. Larson) quickly.


11:45 am: student leaves campus on community transit

Before 12:00 pm: two students report video

12:10 pm: Administrators notified, police called and investigation began

12:15 pm: Student’s name identified search ensues

Between 12:15 pm and 4:00 pm: investigation and student interviews occur

4:00 pm: Administrators are alerted student is in custody in everett

Now: The student is held in Snohomish County Jail with charges of 2nd degree assault and expelled from Edmonds Woodway

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