Dance Team Goes to State!

By Emelia Persell 

Edmonds Woodway’s own dance team went to Washington Interscholastic Activities Association state dance and drill competition this year. To qualify, a team must score over 220 out of 300. The dance team has five captains: Grace Alkema, Ainslee Mattix, Haley Rundorff, Stephanie Rasar, Kendra Jory. They shared their thoughts about the dance team and its success.

Rundorff said that “the key to our success was a strong work ethic and a positive attitude about our team”. Mattix mentioned that “our qualities of dedication and perseverance helped us achieve our goal”. Rasar added that “with a 12 month season, we become closer and learn how to work as a group to achieve our team and individual goals. We push one another to be the best versions of ourselves, academically and in dance.”

The members of the dance team all found state an enjoyable experience. Rasar called it “the best time of the year…everyone decked out in light up and glow stuff across the stadium”. Rundorff added that “the best part for me was the night after we performed. We talked about our performances, the past year, plans for the next year, and told stories about our many experiences on dance”. Mattix recalled her favorite parts about the experience “My favorite part about State was the last day when Grace A., Jacky, Caelan, Kyra and I ran to Dick’s Sporting Goods so we could get shorts on sale. My other favorite part was staying up to 3:30 with Grace A., Ireland and Stephanie and laughing all night.”

The dance team leadership encourages Edmonds Woodway students to take them seriously. Rasar reminded students that “many people don’t understand or accept dance as a sport. Yes, it not your typical definition of a sport but instead it’s much more than just that. Our dance and drill community focus on adding aspects of art, making each routine individually creative. choreography, music, and costuming really bring our theme or message through. This is what makes us different than any other sport and EWHS”.

For interested students, dance team tryouts are May 16th to 22nd, with a parent’s meeting on May 10th 7 PM.

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