National Honors Society

By Sam Schwartz

The deadline for the new round of National Honors Society applications are due this Friday,  April 13. With this date impending, many are wondering what exactly the National Honors Society is.

The about page of the National Honors Society website explains it as an organization focused on “recogniz[ing] outstanding high school students,” as well as one that “challenges [students] to develop further through school activities and community service.” But one may still ask what it does. One might expect that its five dollar admissions fee, as well as a fifteen-dollar obligatory tee-shirt, is accompanied by certain, more tangible, perks. Of course, as many know, it is a leg-up on college applications, demonstrating a high GPA. And while that is certainly nice, potential members should be aware that there is a time and service commitment that one must accept upon joining the Society. Applicants must complete a 2-hour service project by May 1 to qualify for the Taeda chapter of the National Honors Society. The Taeda chapter is the local Edmonds Woodway chapter of the National Honors Society.

The National Honors Society is also advertising itself as making students more ready for their futures through these projects. One page of their site twice implores students to be “#Futuready,” as well as having an entire other page dedicated to the hashtag that gives students various types of advice on managing school requirements, as well as such things as goal setting and career options.



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