Escapade 2018

By Katrina Peterson

Back in the years of big hair and leg warmers, graduates would leave their graduation ceremony and head off to wild parties. Now that they were out of high school, what was stopping them from getting a little tipsy? However, this mindset turned graduation night from a memorable milestone into a spike of teen death rates: these scholars were driving home impaired. The night that these graduates were finally ready to start their futures, choices were made that took those futures away from them.  



Class of 2017’s Escapade was a great success!

Parents at Edmonds Woodway were ready to do something to protect their kids. Escapade was born- a fun, safe way for graduates to celebrate with their friends. Each year, the graduating class gets a personalized trip planned for them by the parent-run committee. Those who have purchased tickets are then whisked off after their graduation ceremony, transported in buses to the top-secret locations. Escapade lasts all night; the grads returned once the sun has risen and memories have been made.


Escapade parties are specifically designed to be as fun as possible. Seniors are given a class survey to give input on which activities they want to do, ensuring the best time for everyone. In the past, activities like sumo wrestling, dance parties, karaoke, and go-karts have been a hit. Food, games, and prizes top it off to create the night of a lifetime. The earlier tickets are purchased, more money is assured to be in the budget, which means more activities and prizes can be planned.



With lots of different activities, there was fun for everyone.

Today, Escapade has shaken its connotation with the previous tragedies. Instead, it is a tradition among the graduating class and a highlight of the final acts of high school. Throughout the last four years, rare are times that these seniors have been united as a class, zigging and zagging from each other due to conflicts of interest and scheduling. On graduation night, there is no cramming for the next test, no prior engagements, no game, concert, or show that trumps in importance. Everyone is able to come together and celebrate one last night together in a final hurrah before everyone goes their separate ways.


Tickets can be bought through Paypal at the website below, or in person during Friday lunches. Scholarships are available through the counseling office, and information on sponsoring another student can be found on the website as well.

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