FBLA 2018

By Sydney Walsh

Edmonds-Woodway FBLA qualified for state!

What is FBLA? FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, is a club that meets every other week to prepare for business competitions. Events can be individual, team, or chapter (the whole club). They are based on business and careers. You take objective tests and some have role play also. Competitions consist of the speaking/presentation events like role play, help desk, job interview, and many more. Objective tests are taken a couple weeks prior to the competition. Some events include both an objective test and a speaking event at the competition.  

For Edmonds-Woodway, the first competition was the regional competition held at Snohomish High School on February 3. For each event, the top 6 qualify for state. The team competed in speaking and presentation events as well as objective tests before the competition. Edmonds-Woodway came home with a school high of 17 events placed in and qualified for state! Congratulations to all FBLA members!

FBLA is finished for this school year, but if you are interested in joining, and are in a business class, please come to a meeting next year! We would love to have more students compete in EW

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