The Whole Darn Shooting Match

By Stephanie Farmer 

Edmonds Woodway’s play production takes the stage yet again to produce The Whole Darn Shooting Match; their comedy of the year. Starring Elena Pierce ( Kenzie Castillo) and Neo King and directed by the one and only Bruce Mindt. This show has everyone laughing and amused almost every moment. Not only is the writing excellent, but it was also a perfect fit for all the students of Play Pro.

The Whole Darn Shooting Match follows the tale of a New York advertising firm struggling to stay afloat in the 1960s after the death of the former company owner. As the play goes on, strong comedic characters begin to develop which suit the actors very well. According to Mindt’s director’s note, “this comedy has no amazingly poignant theme, it does have a message that can be followed.. It shows, when we trust others…we can create wonderful things.”

While the play itself is excellent, it is also a goodfit for the actors. The characters seemed real and understandable, matching the personality of the actors which makes them extremely comfortable. This helps the actors connect and channel the characters in times when things don’t necessarily go as planned. For example, Elena Pierce had a moment where an alarm clock would not work, and assuming that wasn’t scripted, and as a perfect fit for the character, she slammed it on the floor.  This shows excellent teaching and direction from Mindt making sure each actor focuses on character understanding. Each performer made sure to act out the details of their character; every little fidget matching the character’s personality perfectly.

The play is perfect for the whole family. With each character being understandable and accessible for all ages. Each person in the audience enjoyed a spark of laughter throughout the play. Being totally family friendly, this play should be a big crowd pleaser for the families of Edmonds.

Compared to their previous play, The Dining Room, this play is a tasteful compliment. This play shows that their strong suit is comedy because each character was very comfortable and well developed. Also, this play shows the actors’ variety, contrasting some of the more dramatic tones of their previous work.

Overall, this play is an excellent fit for EWHS play pro, and all families should come out and see one of the upcoming shows: Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 3pm.

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