ASB Election Speeches 2018

By Emelia Persell 

UPDATE: As of February 28th, Sammy Dickinson has won the race for the presidency.


Today was Edmonds Woodway’s executive ASB election speeches. The students heard from a variety of candidates for Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President.

Maritsa Sanchez Ortega spoke first, running unopposed for Treasurer. She assured the school of her commitment to organizing more events and making next year the best year possible. Ortega also gave a shout out to the music program and spring sports.

Elizabeth Perenchio spoke next, also running unopposed. She emphasized that she wants more students to get involved, especially in the class ASB elections in the coming weeks. Perenchio has two years of ASB experience under her belt.

Next was Nikki Aahl, running unopposed for Vice President. She has three years of involvement in ASB, and assured the school of her commitment to making next year the best it can be.

Sammy Dickinson proceeded, running for President, and affirmed her love of the school. She spoke about her desire to make sure that everyone feels safe at school, and proposed a mental health week. She also campaigned on a hope for more assemblies and hype videos for clubs. Dickinson assured her peers that she is open to feedback in person and over social media, to make the entire school live beyond its potential.

Rosemary Chang, also running for President finished the speeches and spoke of her kind and active listening skills, and respectful and responsible leadership style. She ended by emphasizing she wanted to make sure all are welcome next year.

The election results will be published Wednesday, February 28th.

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  • Thank you Warrior Word for this post! What a clean and nice summary of the speeches today! Really appreciate and love this!! Keep up the good work:)


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