The Craft Fair

By Kaiona Apio


Orchestra Ensemble


Jai Lasker plays the guitar

Holidays are around the corner and Edmonds Woodway is getting in the spirit. On December 2nd, the high school held our annual Craft Fair.  Vendors were stationed from the F100 Flex to the Great Hall, and stocked up with possible gifts and concessions.

Small ensembles from the Music Department performed near the student store and entrance to the Craft Fair. 

Unique crafts were displayed and sold. There were many variations of wreaths, some were made of candy canes, others of ornaments.  Different bath salts and bath bombs were sold as well.

One of the shops, Hello Bananna, is run by an Edmonds Woodway student, Anna Johnson. Hello Bananna creatively repurposes old clothes into stylish, convenient, and recycled bags.

In addition to all the shopping festivities, all three jazz bands performed as well as the jazz choir. The jazz program added a festive tone to the annual Craft Fair, making it an enjoyable experience that will be even more exciting next year.




Candy Cane Wreaths


From left to right, Rylan Fischer, Nebee Yohannes, and Anthony Edwards

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