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State Sports

By Grace Lewis

With all fall sports teams competing in the district competitions, and 5 out of 7 going to state, the Edmonds-Woodway fall athletic program has had one of the best seasons yet. These teams competing in state are football, girl’s swim, girl’s cross country, boy’s cross country, and girl’s soccer.

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A New Diversity Film Series in Edmonds

By Kally Sperry 

On October 21st, Edmonds saw the release of “Somewhere Between,” the first film in a six film series about diversity, taking place at the Edmonds Theater on 415 Main Street. Every third Saturday at noon from October to April, with the exception of December, the Edmonds Theater is offering students the opportunity to view free films based on true stories of inclusion, diversity, and equality.

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The Implications of Free Will

By Graham Everhart

Do you control what you do? That depends on your definition of “control.” I won’t go full Vsauce-Michael-Here on you, but free will is one of those concepts that makes less sense the more you think about it. Many religious groups and philosophers claim it exists. Many claim it doesn’t. I claim that it’s impossible to know for sure, but I can analyze its consequences.

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76th and 212th: A Look Into the Bane of My Ability to be on Time

By Kaiona Apio

From your alarm not going off, to your car not starting, the construction outside our school is probably on top of the list of reasons you’re late to class. It is for everyone. However, the majority of the student body is not aware of the details of the project. City Capital Projects Manager Jaime Hawkins and Transportation Engineer Bertrand Hauss elaborated…

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Numbness Sweeps America: The Texas Shooting

By Bridget Smith

By now it’s routine. The country awakens, the residual innocence of sleep not yet dissipated. Coffee is brewed, the curtains fling open, and NPR flicks on. It isn’t until then that the soothing state of sleep is finally crushed; the news proclaims the most recent massacre or shooting. Body count, missing persons, various celebrities and politicians “thoughts and prayers,” and suspects flash on the screen. How did we get here? This violence…

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Are You An American?

By Sam Schwartz

When I was seven, I was an American. I was technically an American before that, but when I was seven, I was definitely an American. I knew that the Statue of Liberty was tall; I knew that the government was important; I knew that the debt was a really big number; I knew that we ate too much on Thanksgiving; I knew that Britain said aluminum wrong; I knew that the Constitution was awesome; I knew that baseball was the national pastime, but football was the national sport; and I knew that I was proud to be an American.

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